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Product features

Warranty Policy

1.Longwin Technology provides 1-year limited warranty for naked product and 6-month limited warranty for accessories. Package and other attachments like connect cable, software; instruction profile, etc. are not covered by the warranty. (the warranty period might be different, please check the period on the package & warranty card when purchase the product. )
.All the fault caused by the product quality when normal use, Longwin Technology would be responsible for giving the limited warranty during the warranty period.
3.Please first contact your distributor once faulty occurred, and follow the instructions from the distributor for the product return / repair.
4.The warranty period is counted from the date the of selling.
5.Please keep the warranty card and the invoice, or the copy, we will need the mentioned documents for warranty basis. If you cannot provide the above proof, the warranty period will be from the date of its production. If is paying maintenance, the same problem would have 3 months free warranty from the date of repair.
6.Client need to send the products for maintenance, please contact the distributor for more details.
The replaced accessories during the maintenance are owned by Longwin Technology.

Warranty Forfeiture:
   The warranty policy does not cover:
1.Products purchased from unauthorized distributor or reseller.
2.Warranty is void if trade-mark, serial tags, product stickers have been removed, altered or tampered with.
3.Warranty is void if the defective is not cause by hardware or version.
4.The damage or default caused by unmoral use like: soaking, transportation, loading, shatter, collide, dirty or surface tear caused by use, etc.
5.Products disassembled, modification or repaired, disassembled by someone without the authorized technician’s guidance.
6.Warranty is void if product is damaged due to improper working environment or operation. (For example, improper temperature, humidity, unusual physical or electrical stress or interference, failure or fluctuation of electrical power, static electricity, using wrong power adapter, etc.)
7.Failure or damage caused due to the software, virus, or using the self-made or non-public software.
8.Failure or damage caused due to the user or third party misuse or improper installation.
9.Fault or damage caused due to force majeure like earthquake, fire, lightning, flood etc.
10.Failure or damage caused due to using accessories not produced or sold by Longwin Technology.
11.Damage during the way for repair due to improper packing.
12.Failure or damage caused by upgrade the hardware without the authorization of Longwin Technology.
13.Damage due to improper storage(such as rats, liquid infiltration, etc.)
14.Failure or damage due to man-made or natural disaster.
15.Beyond the warranty period.

Special Instruction:
1.Longwin Technology is not responsible for other extra warranty or commitment promised by resellers, if your reseller promised some extra commitment or warranty; please ask for written documents to protect your rights and interests.

2.Longwin Technology will correct or change the information on its website, such as product specifications, parameters, etc. without any further notice, and Longwin Technology have the right of final explanation for the information on the website.

3.The above provision set all the responsibility of Longwin Technology for the products, and supersedes all other express and implied warranty or responsibility. Damage caused by whatever reason lead to user cannot normal use the products, Longwin Technology will only bear the responsibility required by the country law. Incase third party inquired for compensation due to the damage of the product configuration or program, Longwin Technology will not be responsible. Incase the products defective, Longwin Technology will provide maintenance according the above prevision, there are no other warranties. If there required by country law, 20.Longwin Technology will comply with the law.

Note: The rights for explanation and correction of the above mentioned commitment are reserved by Longwin Technology Co., Ltd.