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Product features

About the privacy

Services that provided for you by Longwin Baby online:

Mo matter mobile phone, Pad, computer or any other terminals, you just need to connect to the Internet via the Baby Online and then you can see situations about the people (pet) and home (store) at anytime and anywhere. The service could also shorten the distance between you and your family even you are in overseas. Baby Online can also realize the two-way voice calls and take photos, video, mobile detection, and other functions.

About the video watching:

The user must input the unique ID code and ownset login password of Baby Online in the client software to enter in the operation interface when watching videos. We suggest that you should change the administrator username and password (the factory defaults user admin password as blank) when you login for the first time. Baby Online utilizes the P2P technology to conduct point to point connection (Mobil phone - Baby Online), and all the video data have gone through encryption process. You can use it safely.

About the video storage:
About the picture recording: the pictures and videos of Baby Online could only be stored only in locality (can be stored in T card, mobile phone and PC). Without the user authorization, the others cannot view or use the data.