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Product features


Job Function: Sales Manager

Job Number: Several Education: Bachelor Work Experience: more than three years Location: Shenzhen


1 , Bachelor degree or above , electronics and related professionals , with more than 2 from product definition to volume production shipments of the product project management experience ;

2, digital electronics, baby , monitor , toys gifts market trends keen insight , higher product planning ability and good communication skills ;

3 , insight into the needs of different levels of consumer groups and aesthetics ; courage to take responsibility , initiative and passion ;

4 , more than six in English , studious, with team spirit .

5 , have some knowledge of hardware and software technologies .

Job Description:

1 , is responsible for new market research projects , analysis and project feasibility report industry conditions .

2 , responsible for product definition and implementation of products , directional selection design ; raise resources needed for the project and set up the team .

3 , responsible for the management , control and coordination of product with the progress of the relevant departments of the product line ; responsible for product cost control.

4, responsible for product development, with partners approached ; according to company requirements led the team to complete product development.

5, to assist the sales department to develop marketing strategies , pricing system and channel planning.