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New Product Release from Longwin Technology

Release time:2014-5-20 17:09:20 Source: Lang cloud technology

On the just concluded Globalsources Hong Kong Security Fair, Longwin Technology released its first 720P HD IP camera under its own brand “ANYVUE”. The new IP camera attracts many professional buyers’ attention on the fair site. The new IP camera LW-S101 was designed upon the plug-and-play, real-time video resolution of the mobile internet, it could be widely used for enterprise security, baby care, family security, pet observation, etc.

Special Features:
Patented appearance, fashionable and simple, industry original.
Brand new client software, beautiful UI design perfect the UE.
Real “ZERO” configuration, penetrate multiple routers automatically, no need to set up the router or start the UPnP. Automatically P2P connection and replay, realize ZERO configuration of the internet.
720P HD video, 1.3 mega pixel visual sensibility.
Video stream can be encrypted, video stream encrypted frame by frame, ensure the safety of personality.
Two-way intercom, audio flow clearly.
Support protocol 802.11b/g/n, build-in WIFI module, signal stability, strong penetrating, easy to form a flexible wireless monitoring environment.

Note: for more details please check the user manual for LW-S101.